• Audioguia Visitmuseum
    Audio guide: The Miller’s Book

    Would you like to meet Llorenç and Candela? What happens to them when they discover the miller’s book? If you want to find out how this story continues, come to the museum with your mobile phone and you can follow the route free of charge.

  • EmpordàNA’T, a unique natural area

    EmpordàNA’T introduces visitors to the four main protected areas in El Empordà. A captivating itinerary that teaches visitors about the area’s natural, cultural and intangible heritage and how to enjoy it.


  • El país dels farinons
    The Land of the Farinons

    The Ecomuseu Farinera’s virtual space for playing and learning. An entire world to discover!

  • Do yo know about the Austro-Hungarian system?

    The permanent exhibition comes with a series of supports for the visit, including models, audiovisuals and samples, which enable visitors to learn about the different contents of the museum. 

  • Ruta Pirinexus
    The Ecomuseu Farinera, support point on the Pyrenees route

    This route is 353 kilometres long and can be done on foot or bicycle, with the added appeal of discovering the territory as you travel through it. Discover it!



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