Preventive measures adopted from April 20, 2022::

  • The use of the mask inside the museum is no longer mandatory. It is recommended that people with a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 or with compatible symptoms and vulnerable people who are unable to maintain a minimum safety distance also wear the mask.
  • The 1.5 m interpersonal physical safety distance is maintained. and frequent hand hygiene with the hydroalcoholic gels in the rooms.

  • Proper ventilation of enclosed spaces.

  • Credit card payment is a priority.

  • Visitors are kindly requested to follow the instructions of the museum staff.

How we have prepared the space:

• The Ecomuseu Farinera has drawn up a specific contingency plan for the facility and has implemented the measures and protocols needed to guarantee the safety of visitors, workers and the collection.

• The spaces have been prepared in accordance with the regulatory requirements, and protection, information and signage measures have been implemented.

• The museum timetable and visitor information services have been adapted to guarantee that visitors are properly attended.

• The museum is cleaned and disinfected every day it is open to the public.

• The museum’s temporary exhibition galleries and workshop-classroom are closed to the public.

• Visitors are provided with hand sanitiser and gloves.


To prepare to visit the museum:

Visitors may download the brochure with the route through the permanent exhibition onto their mobile devices.

Families who want to participate in the family clue game can download the document here.

Visitors who want to track their visit with their mobile phones should access Visitmuseum.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: • (+34) 972 25 05 12

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