EmpordàNA’T introduces visitors to the four main protected areas in El Empordà. A captivating itinerary that teaches visitors about the area’s natural, cultural and intangible heritage and how to enjoy it.

The Empordà is an extraordinary region in terms of its natural heritage: it is the home to four classified natural areas which are extraordinarily valuable because of their biodiversity and geology. It is a unique natural setting where the mark of mankind has also left an extraordinary cultural heritage.

Montgrí and Medes

Spanning the Montgrí massif, the Medes Islands and the Ter River, this nature park offers a rich mosaic of nature thanks to the presence of the Mediterranean atmospheres so characteristic of this region, including pine groves and meadows in addition to dunes, rice paddies, lagoons and cliffs… not to mention an extraordinarily beautiful sea floor!

Cap de Creus

Between land and sea, Cap de Creus is a truly beautiful area boasting a unique geological configuration, with structures and outcroppings that shape an area that is unique in the world. The Tramontana wind has carved out whimsically eroded areas and has transformed the landscape in a very special way.


The Albera mountains are located at the far eastern end of the Pyrenees. The mountains feature two quite distinct areas: the western part (Requesens, Baussitges) which has more characteristically Central European vegetation with beech and oak forests, and the eastern part (near the monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera), which is more Mediterranean, with cork oak groves and scrubland, the home to the only surviving natural population of Mediterranean turtles on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Aiguamolls

Behind the sandy coastline in the amazing Bay of Roses is a mosaic of watery areas that arise from the merger of the sea and the Muga and Fluvià Rivers and from the transformation of the land by mankind. Today, lagoons, pastures, irrigation channels, streams, rivers, salt flats, “llaunes” (coastal saltwater lagoons), “aspres” (dry farming fields), dunes and the bay itself make up the wide variety of atmospheres boasting the vast diversity that shapes the rich Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Nature Park.