LAND OF WATER, WIND AND GRAINS: The flour mills of Alt Empordà .


Flour mills underwent great development in medieval times, operating mainly with hydraulic energy, although also with wind energy. Wherever small streams were found, a mill would be constructed so that everyone in the surrounding area could obtain flour, essential for their daily meals. The territory gradually filled with these small pre-industrial constructions and Alt Empordà was no exception.

Historically, ownership of mills has represented power and their function has gone much beyond simply production functions. Scattered throughout the region, they were extremely important for the social and economic evolution of many generations.

The exhibition turns around these geniuses of medieval tradition that has survived until the present day, the protagonists of the landscape, silent witnesses of history and the comrades of many lives.

Interesting highlights of the exhibition

During the exhibition, there are several applications, an audiovisual that will let you hear the testimony of Quim del Molí, who was born and lived in the mill of Cadamont de Sant Llorenç de la Muga, and a computer application that lets you take a virtual flight over the territory following four distinct routes: Route of the wind, route of the river Muga (I), route of the river Muga II (El Manol and the Riera d’Àlguema) and the route of the river Fluvià, where some 67 flour mills of Alt Empordà are geo-referenced. For each route, there is an explanatory file, the images that we have and a consultable bibliography. These routes have also been printed on paper to promote travels through the region so that you can discover these production centres, contextualised within their period and their environment.

Finally, the exhibition presents several objects, including the tools that were employed at the Cademont mill for making flour, the millstones from the former Sant Salvador flour factory in Figueres, a cylinder mill by Averly from Saragossa and an interactive scale model of a flour mill created by Andreu Valls.