A county of Museums... A school route so schoolchildren can enjoy the county of Alt Empordà through its museums, which boast consolidated, high-quality educational activities.

The Alt Empordà is a region rich in natural, cultural, agricultural, fishing, gastronomic, artistic and industrial culture. It is a site where many peoples have passed through, a welcoming place that is open to the sea and mountains. A sample of this richness is captured in the diversity of museums in the region.

What we want... To rediscover the values and lessons of this region and shore them with the local schools. We want to offer a resource that facilitates teachers’ efforts and shows students a new way of learning, of becoming familiar with and respecting their closest environs.

What we suggest... A route so schools can enjoy the Alt Empordà and students can get to know the museums in the region during their school years.

For this reason, we have chosen and sequenced an entire series of educational activities that facilitate learning in line with the school curriculum and the competences-based approach.

A new perspective... We want bold, professional and lively educational proposals that promote excellence in all fields. We encourage you to join this long-term initiative to discover the partnership between museums and schools through a route brimming with surprises.

Thanks to this proposal, we will enjoy, learn and especially look at the country of the Alt Empordà with different eyes.

More information at: sites.google.com/a/xtec.cat/alt-emporda-museus/