The educational service of the Ecomuseu-Farinera offers visits and workshops for schools, aimed at all different age groups (preschool, primary, secondary, training schools) and designed as a complement to formal education. From the museum, we want to actively collaborate in the knowledge-acquisition process carried out at schools, given that industrial heritage as evidence of production activity is a teaching resource that lets students obtain knowledge through in-situ experiments and observation of science and technology.

The different educational activities shed light on the flour industry, traditional milling, wheat as a raw material, bread as a foodstuff and hydraulic energy.

There are also educational activities to discover nature in the “EmpordàNA'T” space: outings, routes and nature workshops in which participants can spend half a day or a full day learning from specialised guides. There’s even a combined trip to the three museums in town!


Activitats educatives curs 2020-2021


  • Teacher survey

    In order to improve the quality of the services and activities offered by the Education Service of the Ecomuseu Farinera, we would appreciate if you could fill out the evaluation below. We trust that your comments will be very helpful for us!



  • Educational service

    The Education Service of the Ecomuseu Farinera is pleased to answer any questions from teachers who want to plan their visit in advance.

    The museum is a space of learning where visitors can gain scientific, social, environmental and technological knowledge. Here you can learn the workings of technical objects related to industrialisation, one of the most significant events in Catalonia’s contemporary system, the productive system in which they were used and the social and environmental repercussions of how they were used.

    Plus, in order to help update training in and access to culture, innovation and research, accredited teachers may visit the museum free of charge.



      The Cultural and Educational Heritage programme, Indika, is framed within the service of teaching resources provided by the Council of Girona. This offer is addressed to spaces that are considered cultural heritage in the geographic region of Girona and beyond.

      The aim of this programme is to materialise the approach of students to heritage conservation, dissemination and interpretation centres and to contribute to their education in the specific area of cultural heritage. Teaching activities have added value to obtain awareness about and a sense of responsibility towards this type of heritage.

      The subsidy granted by the Council of Girona covers70% of the cost of the activity.


      The Ecomuseu-Farinera in Castelló d’Empúries has joined the ArGO!nautes assistance programme for cultural outings for schoolchildren.

      This programme is targeted at schools located in socioculturally disadvantaged areas classified at the top level of complexity by the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia with the goal of making our cultural heritage accessible to all children in Catalonia.

      To this end, the schools that benefit from this programme can access the guided tours and educational workshops offered by the Education Service free of charge.

      Likewise, they can also request the ArGO!nautes transport assistance offered by the Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency via filling out the application form on the website


      All the schools in the Alt Empordà always get two free guided tours whenever they do a third activity (visit or workshop) at the Ecomuseu Farinera. 


    • School route

      A county of Museums... A school route so schoolchildren can enjoy the county of Alt Empordà through its museums, which boast consolidated, high-quality educational activities.

      The Alt Empordà is a region rich in natural, cultural, agricultural, fishing, gastronomic, artistic and industrial culture. It is a site where many peoples have passed through, a welcoming place that is open to the sea and mountains. A sample of this richness is captured in the diversity of museums in the region.

      What we want... To rediscover the values and lessons of this region and shore them with the local schools. We want to offer a resource that facilitates teachers’ efforts and shows students a new way of learning, of becoming familiar with and respecting their closest environs.

      What we suggest... A route so schools can enjoy the Alt Empordà and students can get to know the museums in the region during their school years.

      For this reason, we have chosen and sequenced an entire series of educational activities that facilitate learning in line with the school curriculum and the competences-based approach.

      A new perspective... We want bold, professional and lively educational proposals that promote excellence in all fields. We encourage you to join this long-term initiative to discover the partnership between museums and schools through a route brimming with surprises.

      Thanks to this proposal, we will enjoy, learn and especially look at the country of the Alt Empordà with different eyes.

    Support materials

    • For teachers

      We have the following didactic support materials for teachers:

      • Didactics and Dissemination Workshops: La Farinera de Castelló d’Empúries (The Farinera of Castelló d’Empúries). Teaching guide to expand on the lessons learned at the museum. It includes vocabulary and activities. Levels: primary , secondary, baccalaureate and vocational. Check it out here ! 
      • Workbook: Blat, farina i paisatge (Wheat, Flour and Landscape). Biodiversity and techno-diversity collection. Teaching guide on the environmental and social factors stemming from the current food consumption model. Levels: primary, secondary, baccalaureate and vocational. Read it here.
      • La Turbina Francis i els farinons (The Francis Turbine and the Flour People). This story was written for children as a fun history of the Farinera. Levels: nursery and primary school.
      • El país dels farinons (The Country of the Farinons). The Ecomuseu-Farinera’s virtual space where users can play and learn. In Catalan and Spanish.
      • Land of Mills. A tool that geolocates water and wind mills in the county: 
      • Land of Granges. A tool that geolocates the granges in Castelló d'Empúries and Sant Pere Pescador:
      • Technological Milestones. Technology can be found in all spheres of human activity, and naturally in mills as well. Download the PDFs here.