In 2007, the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the independent entity Ecomuseu-Farinera de Castelló d’Empúries was celebrated. During these ten years, the project has gradually become a reality. The different architectural restoration phases have been used to revive the former industrial installations for public use. And the former factory has been reborn as an industrial museum.  These installations that seemed to have been consigned to oblivion, today let us relive the recent history of our town and of our country, since the Ecomuseu-Farinera is the museum that reveals the evolution of the flour-production industry in Catalonia, within the mNACTEC Territorial System

The clearest signs of this evolution are made clear simply by looking at the outside of the building: restored façades, exhibition halls created from former work and living spaces that are equipped with museographic explanations and new service spaces (reception, multiple-use hall, workshop, shop, etc.). 

All of this labour of love is clearly the fruit of efforts from many different individuals and groups. The most significant party is our municipality, which has had a great commitment to the Farinera project and has made it a reality. Also meriting a mention are the institutions and administrations that have provided both support and financing (European Regional Development Funds, Girona Council, La Caixa Foundation, Department of Culture and Media of the Catalan Regional Government…). And evidently the work that is done behind closed doors, the least visible of all. This work has been supported by many people, some of whom unfortunately are no longer with us, as well as several companies.

During this journey, the Ecomuseu-Farinera has established itself as a solid museum, a process that recently culminated in its registration in the Museum Registry of Catalonia, a fact that exemplifies its unquestionable quality and excellence. We are currently in the process to become a museum department of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, in line with that which is established by the Museum Plan of the Catalan Autonomous Government.

Today, the Ecomuseu-Farinera is a reference in the creation of museums related to flour-production industrial heritage, in which we are pioneers. We receive visits from different locations in Catalonia, Spain and even the region of Northern Catalonia (in southern France) with the intention of informing them about our project.


Carme Gilabert i Valldeperez

Degree in Art History from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Master’s Degree in Management of Historical-Archaeological Heritage from the Universitat de Barcelona
Master’s Degree in Museology and Management of Cultural Heritage from the Universitat de Barcelona

Núria Roura i Armangué

Assistant director.
Degree in Art History from the Universitat de Girona
Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage from the Universitat de Girona

Assumpta Amat i Gómez