One hundred years have gone by since the old Molí del Mig mill in Castelló d’Empúries was turned into a modern flour factory which operated with technological innovations arriving from Europe. The factory is still here today, turned into a museum which sheds light on this impressive production system, along with how humans have transformed wheat for the 10,000 years that we have been eating it, the importance of bread in our diet and the role played by water in generating energy.


The Ecomuseu Farinera offers the possibility of taking a guided tour lasting approximately one hour, which allows visitors to discover the factory space and learn about different wheat varieties, the systems humans use to mill it, the phases in the industrial process and the source of energy that powers all the machinery.

The museum is pleased to offer group tours by appointment only:

Timetable: book in advance by phoning (+34) 972 25 05 12.

Length of the tour: 1 hour. A single group per hour is given the tour.

Groups: minimum 15 people – maximum 30 people.

Price: €2.15 per person (in 2021). You may pay the same day as the tour.

Other ways of touring the Ecomuseu-Farinera include the ‘Enfarina’t’ option, which combines a guided tour with a tasting of beer made with Rufa wheat and La Tramuntana bread, and dramatized tours. 

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The Ecomuseu Farinera has a specific programme of family workshops to promote the museum as a place for family activities. The workshops are held one Saturday a month except in the summertime.

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